Starting over

@#$&!*&^&*@ – was supposedly be a title for this post because that was how I felt after two nights of working on my new knitting project.

Every late fall, without fail, I feel an urge for knitting. That is normal I guess, except the temperature outside was still around 30 degrees Celsius and people were swimming in the swimming pool outside my window.
It didn’t bother me.
And as soon as I saw Point Gammon Pullover designed by Elinor Brown, I knew this is it – the project, a sweater for my son.

Next step – to find yarn. I opened my wicker trunk that is brimming of yarn in all colors . Apparently most of it are left overs and not enough for a pullover. Fortunately, the trunk is not the only place where one can find yarn in our apartment. So the chest’s drawers got pulled out and here it was – two BIG balls of Shetland wool plus another ball that had an unfinished sock dangling on! ‘Mo montay’ *, that can be ripped off. I was pretty sure I had enough yarn for a sweater, rolled up my sleeves and started knitting on the spot.

Well, that BIG ball of yarn was getting smaller and smaller too fast though. Then I remembered that I had used the same yarn to knit this:


and this:

{from these pictures the color of Shetland wool looks different on the two projects, but it is actually the same yarn}

After continuing with my knitting for a while and pretending there might be still enough yarn, I’ve realized I better stop fooling myself.


I had to go out and get myself another yarn and better in the right amount.

It’s Peruvian wool this time in the same ecru color as the Shetland wool.
Here is my happy knitting so far:


My helper that I had to keep an eye on, so he doesn’t get himself in trouble and I have to start the third time over.


*for those who’s wondering – ‘no problem’ in Cantonese.


4 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Gorgeous pullover – I understand the urge to start knitting now.
    I love those black and white knee-high socks. My knitting skills are very basic, I’ve never attempted such intricate pattern before.

  2. hi irina!
    i just wanted to let you know that the scarf we all made for kate has no pattern. we were just asked to make knitted mitered squares using rowan tweed. i would contact pam or heather who were linked in kate’s post. they were the masterminds.


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