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Needlepoint shoes

For the past three-four months I’ve been completely submerged in my needlework. I embroidered like mad, pretty much every day, sometimes 12 hours a day. There are two cushion covers with completed needlepoint waiting to be sewn onto cushions, a very elegant lily-of-the-valley worked on 28-count linen that is at the framing shop at the moment waiting to be put into a magnifique XIX century French frame with stucco roses and engraved foliage between them and a cross stitch tea cozy in the working.

And then there is a pair of needlepoint shoes all covered with pansies. I’m completely in love with them!


It is looking nothing like a shoe right now. But it will after a shoe making company finishes them. Making up needlepoint shoes requires a professional service. I might choose one of handmaking shoe companies in Hong Kong or mail the needlepoint to Bowhill & Elliot in London for a professional job.

{my needlepoint pansies and Limoges hand painted plate}

Needlepoint for one shoe has been completed. Even though my canvas was not distorted at all, I’m still blocking (stretching) it. Blocking will give the needlepoint even better look. The aureole around the needlepoint you see in the picture bellow is just water to dampen the back of the worked canvas.
I think I’ll keep it stretched on the frame until the second shoe needlepoint is finished.

This work is done with Appleton tapestry wool on single thread 14-count cotton canvas.



{on top is my older heart of pansies cross stitch}


2 thoughts on “Needlepoint shoes

  1. Irina, so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the shoes made up! But where are pictures of the other things? We need to see the cushion covers, the lily of the valley and the tea cosy! Hope you are well my friend. Glad to see a post from you.

  2. Natalka, nice to hear from you! Hope all is well with you! I’ll post the cushions when they are all done/sewn. I’m waiting for the trim for one of them coming in the mail and the lilly of the valley is still at the framer.

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