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A few needlepoints later I’m back here because I really want to share my latest knitting project.
For the last five days I feel that I didn’t want to go to bed even when I could hardly keep my eyes open and could not wait for the next morning to start.
The reason of this is Orkney.
Orkney cardigan (pattern by Marie Wallin) that I started knitting last Saturday night. I had Orkney cardigan in queue on Ravelry for a while and then sometime this past August I bought Rowan Felted Tweed DK in colors suggested in the pattern and could hardly wait for it to make a long journey from England to Hong Kong.
When it arrived, as soon as I opened the package I knew I had to put aside all my other projects.


Five days of knitting have been very exciting. The color combination is gorgeous. Knitting Orkney is a pleasure and I wonder as I knit row after row, what color and pattern would be next.
Even though some people suggest knitting it in the round, I’m knitting it just like in the instruction. Maybe I will knit the sleeves in the round. I haven’t decided on it yet.



Here is one of my finished needlepoints. It is Naxos Cat design by Elian McCready.
While being stretch


and made into a cushion cover.
My cat definitively approves ^_^


*Orkney, also known as the Orkney Islands, is an archipelago in northern Scotland.


4 thoughts on “Orkney*

  1. GORGEOUS! Irina, you are amazing. So gifted! LOVE the cardigan. Beautiful colours. Your masterpiece has made me feel rather nostalgic for my beloved Highlands. I can’t wait to be back in Scotland this Summer :)

  2. Thank you, Allie! I’m in love with the colors and pattern of this cardigan. I’m already thinking about another similar project after I finish Orkney and dreaming about visiting Scotland, Fair Isle and Shetland one day :)

  3. Virginia says:

    Hi Irina. Thanks for posting a photo of your Elian McCready Naxos cat tapestry (with cat!). That’s how I found your blog actually. I have just bought 3 of Elian’s cat tapestries (Naxos, George and Tortoiseshell) with the intention of having them on a day bed so my cat can sleep on them too. Just like yours! I’ve just revisited tapestry after a bit of an absence. I have gone back to Elian’s Pansies Wall Hanging tapestry that I started over 10 years ago! My grey cat Storm just loves to sit on that already so I think he will snuggle up to the cat cushions just fine. Enjoy some more stitching and thanks again for posting. I’m in Australia by the way and if you want to see some photos of the Pansies Wall Hanging please got to my Flickr page here. Enjoy your stitching.

  4. Dear Irina <3
    I saw your beautiful Orkney cardigan on Ravelry and have been trying to find a copy of the pattern. Im desperate to try this one, yours turned out so beautiful!
    Best wishes =)

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