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Assembling Orkney


My Orkney cardigan turned out great. The knitting part is all complete including the neck band. This was my first time knitting with Rowan Tweed DK and I’m absolutely in love with this yarn! I also love the pattern and color combination of Orkney very much.


I followed the instruction on knitting. The only differences were – I added 2 stitches to the given ones. One on each side of rows. I always weave when adding a new color and finishing a color. So this was no exception with the cardigan. I purl all the colors together at the end of rows and slip as to knit all yarn together at the beginning of rows. Sometimes there were four strings of yarn and that is perfectly fine.
The other change – I knitted my Orkney longer than in the instruction. I measured my beautiful Oleana cardigan and from the cast on to the sleeve opening it is 42 cm. I made my Orkney 38 cm to the sleeves.
I thought I might have to buy more yarn because of that. But it was enough yarn.

So, it is time for assembling my Orkney. Now, I think that this great cardigan deserves a better finishing than in the instruction. I knew I wanted to finish it as best as I can.
To start with the neck band. I’ve never liked a cast off on top of it. This time it is no exception that I cast on and knit the neck band separately and then sew on the open stitches to the neck opening slowly removing the waste yarn. This way there is cast on on top instead of cast off. Cast on looks much more better than cast off.


To cover the seam on the wrong side I made bias tape out of silk fabric (previously washed for shrinking) and then sewed it on by hand.




Same bias tape for the left and right front. For these I’m using very thin iron-on interfacing on my silk.


I really thought I’ll finish it today. But when I looked through tons of buttons I have, there was nothing that I would like for this cardigan. So, off to buy buttons tomorrow. And then the major – machine made buttonholes which I’m dreading a little bit as it will be my first time making them on a knitted garment.
In any case, there will be an update.


5 thoughts on “Assembling Orkney

  1. I really enjoy your posts, especially the explanations and photos of your sophisticated finishing techniques for your various projects (and I am awed by your artistic eye). Very inspiring and instructive! (I’m just a casual handcrafter who stumbled on your site via a French site over a year ago.) I made an Orkney style vest many years ago when they were very popular with members at the Seattle Knitters Guild, but your sweater is finished so much better. Ps. How/where do you store your handcraft supplies?

  2. Hi Anne, thank you for your nice comment about my work. Yes, you’re right, with limited space it is getting very hard to store all the necessary handcraft items. I wished I had a room that would be just mine for all my embroidery/knitting/sewing things. Right now all my things slowly taking over the apartment. At least needlepoint and sweater stretches can be put apart. I also made a large wicker (for air circulation) trunk to store some fabric and yarn. Maybe I should wright a post on organizing knitting / needlepoint supplies? But I’m not that organized I think.
    I’m sure your Orkney vest is very pretty.

    You have a nice smile.
    *photo on your blog

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