2 thoughts on “By December 3rd

  1. jane Vogels says:

    Great detail of your finishing, I like your end of row finishing with the ends of yarn. Great tip. Were you happy with your machine stitched button holes?
    This Cardigan has been in my mind ( will I, wont I), for some time. I have the pattern but not the yarn. Your cardigan is an inspiration!

  2. Thank you, Jane, it is very kind of you.
    I’m so happy with the cardigan! I wished I lived in a colder climate, so I can wear it more :)
    The buttonholes are very nicely done. I took it in one of the upscale tailor shops here in Hong Kong and they did a great job. They charged me so little, I could not believe it! Sometimes, HK is full of surprises :)
    The yarn is so wonderful! I’m forever in love with it and bought some more of rowan felted tweed for another cardigan.

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